Plastic sock suitable for packing long objects. Cut across the roll, close with tape, knot, etc. The protective sock has different widths, from a few inches wide to a meter wide. 400 or 500 mm wide protective socks are recommended for packing carpet rolls. The thickness of the film varies depending on the width of the protective sock, the thickness is mentioned in the product data. Different film thicknesses are available as factory delivery. The minimum order for a special order is several rolls, so you should make an inquiry if the need is greater.

The width is half the circumference of the sock. If the diameter of the carpet roll is 25 cm, the radius is 12.5 cm. Since the circumference is 2 ¶r, the semicircle 3.14 x 12.5 cm = approx. 40 cm, ie the minimum width of the sock.

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